As Christians, we are witnesses for the Lord, so it's vital that we lead a lifestyle that is good in the eyes of God. It's impossible to lead a sinless life, but we can strive to be as much as like Jesus as possible to grow Christianity and save the souls of the lost. Therefore, we should always remember that our bodies are temples - we should respect them as God's creation. Therefore, we should not purposely put poison into our bodies, abuse them, and make them our sinful playthings.

Sometimes it is hard to determine what is GOOD and what is bad, but just remember - pray to God on the things that you're not sure of. Do you think that He would want us to have a harsh, mean life? No! So take care of yourselves.

If you learn to love yourself and love others, a Christian, healthy lifestyle will follow. Sometimes it is hard for us to remember what that is like whenever we get caught up in sin. But If you read the Bible verses on Christian lifestyle below, maybe you'll be reminded of what it means to be a Christian in your day to day life!