As Christians, each day we should remember who provided us salvation. Jesus Christ is our Savior who died for us - praising Jesus is what it's all about, isn't it? He is the reason we can live eternally in Heaven, so never stop praising the One who made it all possible! Everyone's praise is different, so don't worry about how other people praise Jesus.

If you feel like standing up in front of your fellow Christians, then do it. If you feel like praying daily by yourself to praise and honor Christ, then do that. It doesn't matter as long as we remember and PRAISE our Lord Jesus Christ! We should eternally thank Him for what he did for us.

Not one of us can truly imagine what it was like for Jesus when he died. He suffered terribly for the people he loved. His sacrifice and our resulting salvation should fill us with joy! We have been saved! Praise be to the Lord now and forever!

If you want to learn more about praising your Lord, please read the Bible verses on praise below.