Each person, during his or her lifetime, will learn about the most important aspect of life: love. Love for one another and love for yourself is priceless. These feelings are hard to describe, but at some point, everyone will feel them. Possibly the most important kind of love is love for God - God loves you and it is unconditional, indescribable love. That's why it is so important to accept Him and to love Him back.

No matter how good love feels, it can be a confusing emotion. That's why it is important to study Scripture on love. Attempting to understand the feelings of love can help you find a deeper, more profound love.

The Bible is the most important book you can use for help with love and how to handle love. The most Bible verses on love are in the Books of John and Corinthians. They are full of excellent verses and teaches to lead you through love. Reading scripture on love can help you understand Biblical love and it will help you put Jesus' teachings to use during everyday life.