What does the Bible say about money? Is it good? Is it bad? Should we aspire to make more? It seems there are many thoughts on this, but there's only one that counts - the Bible.

Money is something that we made, it isn't divine. It's a part of life, but we need to treat it as we treat other parts of life as Christians: it is only temporary, and it shouldn't be more important than our relationship with God. It's true that having money can greatly change our lives, but we shouldn't worship money.

It is important for us to do well in lifeā€¦ and that means making more money most of the time. Desiring to be successful is a good thing and we shouldn't avoid hard work and its rewards. We just need to remember that money alone will not make someone happy, it doesn't give them deeper meaning. God should always be at the center of your life.

The more you trust God and are happy with your life, the better your life will be. If you are a person of Faith and you have a strong character and positive attitude about life, it's possible that it will help you SUCCEED in life.